Hello I am

Pat Miron

my passion brought me here


I worked for small and giant companies, I maneuvered big and small budgets. The solution to your problem is right here. Let me show you…

business development

Entrepreneur online course

  • Business launch
  • media creation
  • Marketing agency tools
  • Website creation

Partner Company

  • Product partnership
  • Service partnership
  • Logistics Support
  • Automating
  • Joint projects

Sum of the 2 numbers of my favorite hockey players

Books read in the last 4 years

Mediation minutes per day, every day

Limit of beers to take with a customer

favorite quote

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.”

-George Addair

Customer testimonials

Hi Pat, we need to push *confidential* because it's time, I love the idea so run it inside the budgets, and let me know.

Christian Morin , Owner @ Activac

It was beyond my expectations!

Stéphanie Fortier , Communications Advisor @ Caisse Desjardins Rivière-du-nord

I love bitches like you.

Sylvie Talbot , Director of Communications @ Hybride Technologies of Ubisoft

Of course not, you don't bother me, I love it when you call me. It's the best moment of my day!

Francois Peloquin , Director @ Auberge du Lac Morency